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Re: Colver Swing Seat

Postby Frank Colver » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:53 pm

I have now developed the swing seat control bar adapters so that they can be quickly attached to any glider with 1 1/8" OD control bars. Many single surface gliders use this construction. The adapters are attached to the glider after it is set up for flying and removed before breakdown. No modifications to the glider's control bar are needed in order to apply the adapters. The glider is back to original after the adapters are removed (takes about a minute to make the transition).

It's going to be fun to see other pilots at Dockweiler fly their own gliders with the loaned adapters and swing seat harness.

I'd like to see Windsports get a swing seat harness from HES and a pair of bar adapters so that they would have that option for any of their students or friends who want to try it. Launches are a little more difficult but landings are almost automatically good every time. It's a great flying position for soaring the bluff since feet are forward ready to push off any time the glider gets too low. Also watching a tip that is close to the bluff top is easier in the sitting position (been there, done that, in times past). At the Otto meet Erica pushed off vertically right after launch when the glider dipped low. She literally jumped straight up into the air again, because her legs were already in position to spring, and flew away.

The harness is shown in a photo at the bottom of the previous page, check it out.

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