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Re: Kansas City Hang Gliding Crash

Postby JoeF » Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:51 pm

The quote below has a link that now leads to a non-hang gliding company feature trampoline adventures.

Related to topic:
I became filled with odd feelings when I read the dismissive from Blindrodie about Free: "He was but a micro-nat in the operation." Such dismissive about a quarter partner to an LLC may signal a huge understory not on the table for accurate view.

Some questions:
[ ] Question, Free, is the described Dragonfly the one owned by the original early 2000's Adventure Airsports, LLC?
[ ] Question, Free, did the Adventure Airsports, LLC, file legal papers with the Kansas Secretary of State?
[ ] Question, Free, in 2003, there was a published corporation forfeiture in Kansas Register in regard to Adventure Airsports, LLC.
[ ] Question, Free, how much money did you invest in the original partnered purchase of the Dragonfly? How much money did each of the other three partners invest?
[ ] Question, Free, how was your part removed: ""removing" me from my property". Was the machination via a majority vote of the four members (thus three, perhaps?)?
[ ] Question, Free, do we know who purchased the Dragonfly, if any, from the notice put up by Blindrodie (Gaar) in at least the Oz Report?
[ ] Question, Free, is there a tracing possibility for ELSA (Experimental Light Sport Aircraft) for their numbers; Blindrodie noted in his 2007 announcement: "ELSA registration in progress (N432 AT)." Is the "N432 AT" correct and traceable? Blindrodie notes that the registration process that was "in progress" was not completed and so the "N432 AT" would not have been validly applied. The craft was sold to someone in Mexico, Blindrodie noted.
[ ] Question, Free, is the serial number "SN 00072" something that could be helpful in tracing what concerns us in this topic?
[ ] Question, Free, do you have a copy of bylaws of the original Adventure Airsports, LLC ? Any minutes of the corporation?
[ [ Question, Free, upon dissolution of the Adventure Airsports, LLC, what were its debts and assets?
[ ] Question, Free, could someone in Mexico have purchased the subject Dragonfly? How much money was received upon the sale of the Dragonfly mentioned in Blindrodie's 2007 announcement of availability for sale of the craft? What happened to the received funds?
[ ] Question, Free, did the annual operations of the LLC eat up investments?

The below quote mentions an ELSA N number process; but that processing might not have completed; and so maybe an incomplete process occurred that may have ended in an N number not being finalized; facts on this may still be available.

In 2007:

Post DragonFly for sale Fri, Aug 31 2007, 7:48:22 am
Bought from Bill Moyes in 2001
SN 00072

Two seat "B" model

582 bluehead series 99
Motor being rebuilt with new crank by certified level 3 Rotax mechanic

4 blade Brolga airscrew

Yellow with UV protection

ELSA registration in progress (N432 AT)

Comes with necessary gear to AT

Some spare parts and AT extras

Will be on eBAy/Trade a plane as soon as we are flying again(mid September)


Email me for more details.

Pics at:

Join a National Hang Gliding Organization: US Hawks at

View pilots' hang gliding rating at: US Hang Gliding Rating System
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Re: Kansas City Hang Gliding Crash

Postby Free » Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:24 am

I vow to add much more info on this and I really appreciate your interest in this Joe. I see your pm asking my hg info and it brings up the fact that a shack job woman that lived with me once stole all log books and videos/pictures for all my flying, hg, ultralight and aircraft. She was a hg groupie that wanted a meal ticket for life and all I wanted from her was a housekeeper. Her feelings were hurt that I wouldn't sign over half of rental property after she once helped paint one.
She got room and board and other perks but it wasn't enough. I went to work one day and she had a truck and her low life friends come in and cleaned me out.

On that trip down memory lane which correlates somewhat with the corporate theft of my efforts and history to promote hg in KC I promise to post more on this as the weather drives me back inside for the winter.

Maybe I should ask USHPA for my personal records on ratings and dates under their lost and stolen section.
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Re: Kansas City Hang Gliding Crash

Postby Free » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:22 pm

Frank Colver wrote:Good grief!!! I didn't know there was a character like Blindrodie lurking around the hang gliding world. :thumbdown:

There is at least one character like Blindrodie, Frank. Probably more. I was just unlucky enough to get mixed up with this one.
All in the hopes of helping hang gliding along in a small way in the flat mid-west.

I didn't know any of the people involved in the flight park deal before I jumped in with both feet. If It wasn't for me, I don't think it (flight park)ever would have happened. And now they all lie like I never was involved. The easiest sign of a crime is the coverup, eh?
So they just stole my share and dared me to sue a slippery corporation run by a slippery lawyer (kinda like u$hPa) for a chance to collect nothing.

Somewhat tongue in cheek, I think Rodie would steal the Millennium, if only he thought he could only get away with it. Fear of failing would be the only thing holding him back.

Who would think that someone who nicknames himself Blindrodie would be the type of character to have sticky fingers?

I'll argue any of us that want to think the best of people could make that mistake.
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Re: Kansas City Hang Gliding Crash

Postby Free » Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:04 pm

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