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USHPA More Like Mafia Than KKK

Postby Free » Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:56 pm

Just my 2 cents from fly-over country.
The broken and looted USHGA corporation and now the newer cash infused USHPA corporation has always treated Region 6 like a red headed stepchild.
The one time I called Mark Forbes, (because MGF seems to always be running the show from whatever position created for him) to ask for a small favor, he flatly refused to lift a finger.
He then lied publicly, in regard to the conversation, and left me hanging out to dry.

I had asked him only to make a phone call to help convince a piss-ant of a of a flight park to allow me to purchase a stinking tow.
Just like any one else qualified to hire a tow. But nooo.. Mr. Forbes would not make the call.

The fact that the illegal flight park corporation was in the process of stealing equity in the aforesaid tow vehicle was a separate issue as far as Mark G. Forbes, should have been concerned. But nooo.. Mark G. Forbes said he would not make the call. I suppose out of professional courtesy between liars and thieves. A mafia kind of thing..

Later Mark G. Forbes, lied like the snake he is about the whole deal, right after USHGA President Jim Zeisit, censored, banned and kicked me off the only hang gliding social board available at the time. This was before Davis Straub and Jack Ax.. whatever his name started their own censored boards.

I did not think it was too much to ask for a little assist from USHGA, as they had done the same for Region 6 Mark Poustincian (sp) after Malcolm Jones had previously refused to let him purchase tows from his facility. It worked for Mark P. but not for me.

Yes, I'm disgruntled with the corporation that would not lift a finger to help. Then to have Mark Forbes lie about it in such a cowardly fashion afterwards still has me ticked.
MGF is as much responsible for my decision to not to renew my USHGA membership as the thieves that stole my Dragonfly.
That he is still dirty up to his chin at the same corporation is unbelievable.
What keeps him there even after he was voted out?
Blackmail perhaps.
That's the mafia way and I'm out of time at the public library.
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