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Colver Checkmates Forbes

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:40 am

Colver Checkmates Forbes

In a grueling three day battle of wits on Frank Colver clinches the win.

Forbes had just played:

Mark Forbes wrote:One more thing: there is absolutely no possibility that non-member pilots can purchase insurance from the RRG. That's a fundamental fact because of how it is incorporated under federal law. The Liability Risk Retention Act requires that all insureds be owners of the RRG, and every owner must be an insured. It is possible for an individual flight school to purchase a policy from the RRG, but they need to pass underwriting and make a capital investment in the RRG to become an owner. That's what PASA-certified large schools do, once they get large enough to justify the annual base premium (roughly $4000) and the minimum capital investment of $500. Smaller schools join PASA and share a single group policy issued to it, paying dues in proportion to their level of business activity.


Frank countered with the game-winning move:

ushpa7 wrote:Mark this ownership issue is not a problem. Let me refresh your memory.

Back when you were in charge of establishing the RRG I made a proposal to you. I would donate $25,000 to the RRG if you established an insurance only membership category. Those members could be restricted in any way USHPA wanted as far as what, if any, member privileges they held. Some obvious ones would be; not eligible to run for or hold office in the org, cannot represent themselves as speaking for the org in any way, etc., etc. That satisfies the member ownership requirement without have to put up with active members you don't like. I even suggested that USHPA could charge the same dues as the full members pay.

My offer of $25,000 to be donated into the formation of the RRG was turned down by you in lieu of creating an insurance only membership category so people deemed not worthy of belonging to the USHPA regular membership could still buy insurance and fly the sites of their choice.

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