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Zeitgeist of the RHG world

Postby JoeF » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:07 am

How might one describe the evolving zeitgeist of the evolving world of recreational hang gliding (RHG)?
Describing is the challenge herein. Searching the core of RHG and getting clear about what is found may help some to make decisions that will play in the future of RHG.
RHG world actors? Who is in the RHG world doing something? What and why are they doing it? Are they representatives of government, corporations, groups, themselves? The evolution of the RHG world is dynamic; change is ever occurring in the small or broad reach. Matters are not fixed. Fuzzy edges reveal challenges. There are local matters and nation-broad matters. There are the right-now acts by a RHG person. And there are effects of actions that oscillate for ages and centuries. Otto Lilienthal glided and landed; he used the word "jump" for part of the launch; today we mostly suppress that word, but still have remnant uses of that word in RHG.
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