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Postby Free » Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:36 am

Just as it looked like donations were drying up at 28k, an anonymous donation of $2000 came in.
Mark Forbes, is that you? ..(satire) because we know Mark would never do that without hero recognition.
Gee, I wonder who?

I think Jim Zeisit, was pressured to make a donation to the Womens' Team in return for the cover-up of all the "misspent" USHGA funds
when he and Mark Forbes nearly bankrupted 'the Corporation, back in the day. He skated out of leadership, turning it over to Tim Herr, the corporate lawyer and Mark Forbes, as they swept the issue under the rug. Those two know where all the bodies are buried because they are the ones that filled in the graves.

The power grab of a few days ago is a continuation of an ongoing cover-up. They have to limit the prying eyes of the members by controlling who might gain access to how the sausage is made.

This is not just my conspiratorial mindset running wild. There was a true, world class finance analytical guy that briefly looked into the corporate books during
the time in question and came up with the conclusion that all was not well in this land of volunteer machinations. Of course he was silenced somehow and he disappeared never to be heard from again. His name was Warren S.. something.. Scribner? Scrivner? I mean this guy was in Who's Who of his field of work. No dummy, he.
I wrote about this on the now defunct USHGA yahoo list years ago. I have some copies on old hard drives and will try to search on yahoo but they make it pretty hard to find things there, or I just am not good at it. Dan Brown, also wrote about it and he went silent. He's a California lawyer, maybe someone knows him?

Mark why don't you come clean and redeem yourself. Tell us it was you instead of Jim Zeisit, that nearly brought down USHGA, once before.
Make another sizeable donation to Tiki, and maybe we will forgive you for being such a ...
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Re: Tiki, Can You Hear Me Renaissance

Postby Free » Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:05 pm

Three days touch of winter blues. It's been cold. I'm getting old.
Not as inclined to donate the things thought about.
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Re: Tiki, Can You Hear Me Renaissance

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Sun May 12, 2019 10:43 pm

From February 20th, 2019 at 8:21 pm:
Bob Kuczewski wrote:Technically, Tiki did vote to expel me. Here's how Doug phrased it in his vote tally of the USHPA Board:

dhmartens wrote:tiki masky ??? region 6 ????? said yes but in a "no" tone

Tiki did ask the right question. I'll paraphrase it here:

We may not like some of the things Bob is doing (like starting the U.S. Hawks, speaking to his City Council, testifying in court), but how does expelling him stop him from doing any of those things?

Then Mark Forbes jumped in and backed her down. She ended up voting to expel me.

I tend to think Doug's assessment was right. Tiki may not have had enough experience on the Board to know how tough it is to stand up to Mark Forbes and Tim Herr. There is a tremendous social pressure to go along with the flow.

I have called Tiki recently to ask about it, and she said she didn't remember her comment. She didn't seem particularly willing to help, but she did agree to take a look at it if I sent her the documentation. Her tone on the phone wasn't really encouraging, and I still haven't followed up yet.

Tiki voted to expel me in the spring of 2015. As I mentioned above, I suspect she was a new Director and didn't know how rotten USHPA's leadership had become. And even as a new Director, she did speak up. I have to give her credit for that. But she let Mark Forbes back her down.

It's 4 years later now, and Tiki has 4 years experience behind her. It's been 4 years that I haven't been able to fly Torrey or Crestline or Sylmar. Tiki has certainly come out like a lion now that she might be one of the Directors to lose her own job. Maybe she's gained the courage of her convictions, or maybe she just likes the title of Director. It's hard to tell at this point.

I have followed up and spoken with Tiki recently. I did follow up with the supporting documents that I promised her months ago.

The next move is Tiki's. I've got my fingers crossed that she'll be as courageous standing up for someone else's right to fly as she has for her own Directorship.

Best wishes Tiki. May the Force be with you.   :thumbup:
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