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Re: Two Dead at Torrey - Paragliding Collision (March 9, 201

Postby dhmartens » Mon May 13, 2019 12:07 pm

I saw a rescue video last year or so where SDFD said Torrey rescues had dropped from (estimated)64 down to only 4. So there have been saftey improvements, or they are doing their own rescues.

This has not gone unnoticed by LA rescue at all of the "training" SD rescue gets.
SD rescue has honed their ability to provide fast rescue and transport to minimize injury and now LA is jealous.

SHGA asked to participate in mock hang glider rescue ... f=2&t=5878

Past discussions with L.A. Fire Dept Chief Ward have resulted in their invitation to participate in a training exercise using 2 or 3 hang gliders and hang glider pilots as rescue victims.

This will be a great opportunity for our club to receive great recognition for our contributions to the community.

I'm looking for volunteers for this Saturday, June 9th event, possibly at nearby Hansen Dam Rec Area. I need 2 volunteers for each glider for set up, breakdown, victimhood, and possibly technical advice to the rescuers.

Windsports will provide the busted up gliders and harnesses and helmets if necessary.

A big problem in San Diego is Home price affordability and lack of hang glider storage at the flight park.
Paragliding is the only alternative for renters. ... homes.html
By comparison, millennials can afford just 10% of the homes in Dallas, 13% in Boston and barely 2% in San Diego."

Sylmar offers hang glider storage

Hang glider storage should be written into the RFP.


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