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Reach of Nov 1961 Popular Mechanics Magazine article

Postby JoeF » Fri Jun 01, 2012 9:03 am

Scholarly analysis of the reach of the article
[obtained online by anyone]
Popular Mechanics Magazine, November 1961, pages 85-89, and page 260
by Lou Everett, test pilot, Ryan Aeronautical Company
I Flew the Pterodactyl Flex-Wing ,Hottest Thing in Aviation
The content on pages 85-89 are rich.
:arrow: The content on page 260 is fertile.
Who in which countries saw this article? Even if a glance?
Study of each person, project, entity, and model mentioned in the article would bring forward some interesting stories.
The article has some overclaiming in its interpretive statements as it misses much of flex-wing history. Certainly there are key flex wing users in the 1800s and first decades of 1900s that are not even glanced by the article by Everett.

Craigo is mentioned in the article. And see patents related to topic where Craigo is involved in the patents.

The article gave foundation for some of the US Hawks foundations.
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