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Re: Jack Axaopoulos alias "sg"

Postby JoeF » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:44 pm

sg's space is announcing a new magazine (sic, ezine) effort. Jan 2019: Hang Gliding Times The affair is asking for article submissions. First issue shows online: one article by an Australian hang glider pilot: Col Rushton of northern New South Wales, Australia. The sg space is borderless or international in focus.

Also, Doug Marley offered to work on a HG timeline offer that sg made; however that strand may go is not known at this Jan 23, 2019, moment. Anyone? Doug? sg?
sg still has not mended his unjust actions of obliterating people's posted text with false text that robbed reputations and instilled false information to the public; the question might be: Will sg carry his obliteration tactics into his new efforts? :?: :?: :?: Also, the Timeline effort will be in jeopardy when sg disallows corrections from some others. The loss of trust very well may blanket his new efforts.

sg has installed a policy that gives him outs:
Articles can be on almost any subject, as long as it’s positive. No politics and divisive subjects. There is already too much of that lately in the world.

He will decide what is "politics" and what is "divisive" and what is "positive" for the new branch of text. sg is apparently not realizing that his thefts have rooted much divisive flows; apparently he will not allow any author to bring up such matters in articles of his new ezine effort. So, happy happy will be the flow. It would be positive for sg to mend his negatives. :idea: :!:
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Re: Jack Axaopoulos alias "sg"

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:26 pm

From the first post of this topic on May 19th, 2016 at 7:42 pm:

JoeF wrote:Jack Axaopoulos alias "sg"

May 19, 2016, clip for historical study wrote:HangGliding.Org Rules and Policies

= KEEP IT CIVIL. Attacking other members, or covert implied attacks are NOT allowed. No harassing or stalking other members. Inflammatory posts are not allowed. This includes "photoshopping" member pictures in a negative way. You will get a warning if you break this rule. If you persist to do this, you will be banned.Threads that start to spin out of control, will be LOCKED. If you wish to cry censorship because a thread is locked when people start acting like children, take it to another forum.

= Dont spam the forum. No advertising on this site. Ask SG for permission first.

= When posting, think about non-HG pilots who come to visit the site every day. Please put your best foot forward and showcase the fun adventurous atmosphere we experience every day in the landing zone after a great flight

= No aliases. One account per person.

= No PORN. It is against my server companies policies and there are plenty of other websites for that stuff. If you couldn't show it on TV, don't post it here.

= Please treat the admin as a regular user. As long as you follow the rules, there is NO CHANCE you will banned because you disagree with the admin. The admin would like to be part of this community too without having to walk on egg shells because people think his word holds more weight for whatever reason. It does not. But the admin will do his job as moderator when he has to. But please follow the rules and don't make him do it, he doesn't enjoy that part. :)

= No posts or links about Bob K, Scott C Wise, Tad Eareckson and related people, or their material. ALL SUCH POSTS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED. These people are poison to this sport and are permanently banned from this site in every possible way imaginable.

Jack's heavy-hand rule over his forum reveals a huge rift in hang gliding online discussion opportunity. Jack wants to be "part of this community" which he carves out a huge faction of people and dubs them "poison" to the sport of hang gliding; he makes such his official rule. Jack Axaopoulos alias "sg" Participants in his forum must always face the possibility that they themselves may be titled "poison" at any turn by Jack. Jack has programmed certain words and links to be converted to derogatory non-linking phrases; this prevents his forum participants from freely sharing information about hang gliding. Jack has proven to be a thought-controller by his rules. Yet he uses "please" in "Please treat the admin as a regular user." There is no logical way for a sound participant to treat the admin Jack A. as "regular user" when guillotine ax is ever near Jack's hand and keyboard.
The story about how Jack A. treated a trust regarding Torrey Hawks has been written in the USHawks forum someplace:
_______________________________________ Careful study of the actions involved would bring important data to those who are participating in Jack's forum.
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