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Ronny Richards

Postby Ground Slammer » Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:53 pm

Ronny Richards -Early competition pilot, manufacturer, MASTER MACHINIST, Mr Parts. Ronny Richards is better known for his behind the scenes work as a master machinist, more so in ultralights than hang gliders. Ronny first came to national hang glider attention by taking 3rd in the US Nationals Fixed Wing Competition at Escape Country. His glider, The Conquest, was re- engineered Quicksilver. His work was not aerodynamic, but material and sub-assembly science.
The original quicksilver B was a marginally airworthy glider that Ronny reworked to the state that it took to be a safe, and durable ultralight, and sports light aircraft. Eipper hired him on the spot to produce parts to upgrade the Quicksilver hang glider as an outside contractor. Soon many glider manufacturers were using him. As ultralights became the rage many of the manufactures were using him until, he was equipping a majority of ultralights world wide. He freely gave to the early HGMA members as a mentor rather than treat them as competition. His superior knowledge of alloys and material science made him the best at what he did world wide.When he retired and sold his factory he took home the Quicksilver bracket stamp press. He was big in the EAA, RC gliders, and more. He lives in retirement today with his wife Mary in Humboldt County Ca.

I don't have links to references because it is from years of personal contact and working in his factory-not as an employee, but a fellow aviation enthusiast on my own gliders-this is how much he gave to other freely-including the at the time infant HGMA. We all owe him our thanks for keeping are skins in one piece :salute:
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