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Postby Craig Muhonen » Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:50 am

Bob Kuczewski wrote:From Craig's two USHPA links:

The bottom of the Hang Gliding history page shows a picture of a paraglider along with the link to the paragliding history page:


The bottom of the Paragliding history page shows only a link to the hang gliding history page (no picture). USHPA couldn't find a historic hang glider picture to put beside the link?


Also note that the paragliding history page has a link to "find a school or instructor". Why isn't there a similar link anywhere on the hang gliding history page?
Summary: There's a picture of a paraglider on the hang gliding history page, but no picture of a hang glider on the paragliding history page. There's a link to take lessons on the paragliding page, but no link to take lessons on the hang gliding page.

Rick Masters on March 21st, 2015 wrote:People talk about the sport of hang gliding dying. It's not dying. It's being murdered. By the U$hPA.

Good topic Craig ... just the facts.    :thumbup:
Carefully check out the words in this article and see how the word "paragliding" got it's start when Pete Brock retired, and an international company was formed, and the Brock Redtail, the UP Dragonfly, Condor, Comet, and TRX, are impossible to find in their advertising history.
As a side note, Mr. Brock never talked about his son's (Hal) hang gliding accident in Aspen on July 18th 1975 which may have totally lessoned his love for the sport. Pete Brock said that soaring a hang glider was way more exciting than driving a race car.
We saw Hal Brock the week before, he died, when he came to Telluride and walked his glider to the top of Ajax, along a treacherous ridge line, set it up, waited till the wind was right, but it never was, so he folded it up and walked back to town...alone. RIP Hal.
Another side note, John Heiney is soo much more than a "looping star".

In the mid 80's, the words Hang Gliding and Paragliding started being used in the same sentence and the same paragraph, over and over and over again, until they became synonymous. Rick said that hang gliding was being murdered, but also, the word hang gliding was/is being "craftily" stolen.
We've got to "steel it back"... Paragliding is parachute gliding by riders of parachutes, and has no business in Hang Gliding History.

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