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Postby RobinHastings » Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:48 am

FRIDAY, JULY 31 through SUNDAY, AUGUST 2, 2020:
This weekend the rains are weak but the heat is strong. No jetstream overhead. Friday should be clear and hot (100 F or more) and the winds will be fairly light. In Alamogordo, WSW 5-8 mph, in El Paso, East 8-10. Las Cruces and Deming, ESE 10-12. On Saturday we get more chance for precipitation, and maybe lower temperatures. El Paso should be East 10-12, but other areas may see winds more westerly. WSW in Alamgordo, 5-8 mph, SSW in Las Cruces and Deming, 5-8. On Sunday, SSW 5-8 mph in Alamogordo, Las Cruces and Deming, more southerly in El Paso. On Friday, then, I'd recommend trying Dry Canyon and La Luz, Anapra and Torrey Paso. On Saturday, Dry Canyon and La Luz again, and possibly Magdalena Rim and the Little Floridas, Anapra and Torrey Paso. Watch out for afternoon thunderstorms. Finally, on Sunday, Dry Canyon looks possible, as well as Mag Rim and Little Floridas again. Thunderstorms in the afternoon again are possible, then they will likely disappear through the week. In this time of year, predictions are hard to make as there is no definite trend to the winds, so keep an eye on what is really happening, versus a shifty forecast. It looks flyable, and if you get the urge to fly, give me a call! Be careful out there...
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