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Last Forecast for 2013

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Last Forecast for 2013

Postby RobinHastings » Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:02 pm

Hello, everyone. There may be some airtime to be had this weekend, but it doesn't look as good as we'd like. I don't expect precipitation in RGSA country - or in most of the country, for that matter. Winds on Friday should be light easterly, which makes a good case for paragliding at Anapra. Probably too light for hang gliders at the Portrillos. On Saturday the winds start northwest, light, and finish up moderate out of the west. So that may be a good day for Dry Canyon and La Luz, as well as Little Floridas and Agave Hill. On Sunday the winds get more northwest, and stronger, so La Luz NW launch may work if you want some airtime before Christmas Break is over. If you try one of these places, let me know how it comes out! And fly safe...
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