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 Post subject: Said Hang Glider Lands at TPGP
PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2022 6:42 pm 
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If the right questions are asked when said HG lands at TPGP,
(by a "film" crew who mysteriously appears with camera and microphone in hand and maybe a ball cap on that says, "Hawkeye News" or any club), the "negotiation" between the flight director and this HG pilot would be caught on camera for all "litigants" to see in any future court filing to do with safety issues, trespassing on public land, or the City saying an emphatic "no" to certain HG, but the county possibly saying "Yes" to HG but with provisions,
and how can a concessionaire try to ban an ocean launch and landing if said HG was given approval by the county?
some of the new provisions could be, actual full time "control" tower for every one not just trainees and "riders" (which is an issue they won't talk about,
H4 sites were just that, Until....
2.. actual up to date flight worthiness certificates, and log books.
3..AND a diverse flight council (City and County) at the very historic TPGP.
4...PG sharing airspace with HG but at separate times during the day. weather permitting of course, but obviously the Hang Gliders are like Schooner Boat Captains and love to be blown off shore, so they would come back in droves to fly the windy days when the super lights are headed home.
5...all money making operations taking a back seat to single pilot flight. Which is what free flying is all about.
6... maybe a limit on the number of "Pay to Ride" site seeing tours at $175 for a 20 minute ride, would cut down on congestion, it's a relatively narrow lift band and they're making a ton of money anyway.
7... maybe provisions so that all could talk to each other while in the "pattern".
Joe there's a rock group for ya,.. "The Lift Band" and friends.

I think if HG clubs all over, find a way to land at USHPA sites with their cameras and microphones rolling and stand up straight, look um in the eye, and put the right questions on the table and don't back down, Hang Gliders can start to make inroads into the gigantic PG media machine, gain back the launch sites that they, and only they, pioneered (and stupidly shared some say) so long ago but were crowded out by, "line jumpers" as it were. AND then share their HG sites with PG, with provision.
Fliers just want to fly safely no matter what, but mixing very fast aircraft with very slow aircraft (who get the right of way by the concessionaire by the way) in the same air space, just leads to confusion, hesitation, and sometimes anger which is an ugly mix. And God forbid there are accidents, sometimes fatal,
but "Nothing to see here", "cricketts ", and bias uninformed for the most part, news casters.

Maybe a good model for a tower operation would be like the old skating rinks I used to go to that had ladies only skates for awhile, then men's choice for awhile, all skating in the same circle with no oncoming traffic and a broadcaster in the tower exciting everybody, spectators alike, with great commentary, and music.
I remember some of our fly-ins with David Stanfield on the landing zone with his mic and speaker making great commentary about what was happening in the air and who was flying. Then Jack Carey broadcasting from his Hang Glider over town, with our local radio station, KOTO.
It really meant something to all who were there. Those were fun times.

Sometimes you gotta' push the stick forward while you're lookn' at the ground

 Post subject: Re: Said Hang Glider Lands at TPGP
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2022 10:52 am 
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I mean what is it with the Hostil, combative attitude regarding when, and if a Pilot decides to land at this Torrey Pines Site? I would imagine that if I were to land after having launched from from an inland San Diego site. I would think that if, and that is a Big "IF", if some local, a purveyor of operations at Torrey Pines were to learn that I had indeed gotten to Torrey Pines having Flown there after Flying XC from one of the Many Inland XC Sites. A normal interaction between a Pilot an the operator of the Torrey Pines Site would Go something like this. Torrey Pines operator; "Which Inland Site did You launch From?" Pilot; "I launched from Little Black Mountain." Operator of Torrey

Purveyor: "Really You Flew here From Little Black? Good on You Mate. that was a good Flight."

By the way; If One wants to Fly down there in San Diego because for whatever You do not want to launch from one site. You can simply head over to another site, set-up, Yes if a Pilot does not Launch and fly on a given day. If an SanDiego ot Fly on a given Day, said pilot does not care to Fly.

So if I were to land at Torrey pines. Then where is the Person drawing His or Her authority from in giving M<e a Hard time? I understand that Torrey Pines is owned by the City, as in it is owned By the People.

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