Year 2004 Youth Center planning document

Honoring the rich history and bright future of gliding at Dockweiler Beach

Year 2004 Youth Center planning document

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Los Angeles County
Department of Beaches and Harbors

June 2004 document has some diagrams and nods to

"hang-gliding learning center"

"hang gliding center",

"hang-gliding concession"

"Room for classrooms to teach the academic side of volleyball, roller skating,
beach safety, biking, and hang gliding to name a few;"

"Community room .." for "hang-gliding classes" etc.

Hang Gliding"

"Hang Gliding at Dockweiler" page has clip of Windsports brochure that shows upper half Dockweiler, lower have Tandem at 3500' photo.

"Over this last ten years, the General Plan served as a guide while the County and City completed the following:" "Construction of a new hang-gliding learning center;"

"the restoration of a Hang-Gliding Practice Area"

"Knowing this,
we must consider what the lot was designed to do. It was designed as a recreational
center to accommodate a number of uses: beach recreation, volleyball tournaments,
hang gliding, none of which use up 574 spaces with the size of the beach this area
provides, yet it could be a possibility."

"Response FI-3
This comment discusses the uses associated with the Hyperion hang gliding operations. This use
and facility was approved in May 1992 and is not a part of the proposed project. Therefore, the
area in question and use limitation requests are not relevant to the operations of the building.
Further, the State Beach General Plan Amendment does not propose any changes in use, which
are germane to the operations of the Hyperion hang gliding facility. This is acknowledged in the
subsequent paragraph of the comment letter."

"Response F1-4
Dockweiler is a public State Beach available for use to the public year-round during operating
hours barring emergency closures. Coordination efforts with FWS would be made if any events
are scheduled at the beach during the months of November and February south of the hang gliding
area. However, it should be noted that none of the proposed amendments or the youth center
have activities associated with them that would occur in the area where the snowy plovers are
known to nest."

"The proposed building footprint covers
approximately 20.000 square feet within the 255-acre Dockweiler State Beach property. 1 he.
community room in thc proposed youth center would also provide A suitable venue for classes in
cultural and natural resources, health and safety, hang-gliding, and beach-related competitions."
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