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Concession Site Rules

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Official Dockweiler Site Rules are available at Windsports web site:
Current Rules:


  1. Flyers must present a current USHGA membership and rating card designating the pilot as a Intermediate, Advanced, or Master rated pilot, or be under supervision of a Windsports Certified Flight Instructor.
  2. Each flyer must register with and receive authorization from Site Manager before flying.
  3. All flyers must sign county approved liability releases.
  4. No flying unless Green Flag is displayed on flag pole.
  5. Safety Director or Site Manager may refuse flying privileges to anyone if he determines their actions will be detrimental to safety or the smooth operation of the flight park.
  6. All flyers shall wear protective head gear and fly with equipment that is airworthy in the opinion of the Safety Director.
  7. Only pilots and equipment approved by the Safety Director or Site Manager will be allowed to fly at Hang Gliding Area 3 (north area).
  8. Only instructors approved by the flight park operator shall be allowed to train or supervise students or flyers.
  9. All flyers and instructors are directly responsible to and shall comply with, directives of the safety director.
  10. Spectators, pedestrians, and cyclists have right-of-way at all times. No flying if a spectator is on the slope or in the designated landing zone. Treat each visitor with courtesy.
  11. No stunt flying.
  12. Walk gliders up approved walkways.
  13. No Alcohol or drugs allowed.
  14. Clear landing zone immediately after each flight.
  15. Secure your glider when unattended.
  16. No launching or landing outside of designated boundaries.
  17. No flying above 60 feet AGL at any time.
  18. No dogs allowed.
  19. When carrying equipment across the bike path, use extreme caution and yield right-of-way to all traffic.
  20. No slope soaring without Safety Director approval.

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