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Re: Scott Wise 2006: "New National HG Org. Would you join?"

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Tue Aug 16, 2022 11:30 pm

Chris McKeon wrote:So now what? I do not have a clue, does anyone else have an idea of what should be done, if anything can be done at this late Date.

I have an idea ...

The U.S. Hawks is the only active organization working to become an alternative to USHPA.

  • We have a few hundred members.
  • We have chapters from coast to coast.
  • We have ratings and a rating system.
  • We have a great Board of Directors.
  • We have an ongoing newsletter (this forum).
  • We have a 12 year history of supporting the sport of hang gliding.
We are only missing one thing: more members.

Now, you might say we're also missing insurance. But insurance is just a numbers game. If we had more members ... we could get insurance. More importantly, we are also working to free more flying sites from the burden of insurance in the first place.

So if you want to know what can be done ... help grow the U.S. Hawks.
Join a National Hang Gliding Organization: US Hawks at
View my rating at: US Hang Gliding Rating System
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Re: Scott Wise 2006: "New National HG Org. Would you join?"

Postby eagle » Tue Aug 23, 2022 9:29 pm

This is the exact reason I wrote the petition. To protect free recreational Hang Glider Pilots including Paraglider Pilots
We NEED US Hawks to protect recreational Hang Glider and Paraglider pilots rights and freedom at the Gliderport. because they wont.

Us Hawks have upset the Cities recreational public scandal and the status quo, of what is acceptable for San Diego leaders to expliot. Torrey Pines Gliderport was originally set up for recreational intended use. After training, pilots would actually graduate, receive pilot rating and ID card allowing recreational pilots to fly free and use of our historically protected free flight park.

We have a San Diego Waiver, that would end the dispute, effectively spliting the neglegent Tandem joyride/School operation from public recreation free flight as before.

The San Diego Waiver would,...
Stop mandatory Club fees. created by the leaseholder
Stop Insurance Fees, that by No contest, are illegal collection of funds. (not required by law.)
Stop the signing of the current 2nd unfair Access Wavers and fees created out of thin air by the same negligent joyriding operation
that has become public endangerment for recrereational pilot use

Stop the monopoly, the threat of violence, ongoing employees drug use and sale's, false report and arrest, as they fight over power control & personal profit.

The San Diego Waiver forces Tandem joyriding operations disguesde as a school to pay their own operational bills and expences, like every other school in th country.
Pay for their own insurance. (required by Law).
Pay for their oversight... needed for Public Safety.

Torrey Pines Gliderport was dropper by Loyds of London for too many Negligence claims, "Air California Adventure's" self insurance is inadequate to operate within the public sector, So as a result of "Air California Adventures" screw ups, Free Public Pilots are getting forced into a School contract, insurance and access fees.
There are No FAA insurance requirements or Access fees and waiver required at any of the other of San Diego fliying sites.
City liabilities are already covered by California Recreational Statues.

The Threat to the cabal is US Hawks is setting new standards for the USHPA itself or any other club alike to follow USHGA original setup that created the rating system in the 1st place, to keep Our Sport of Hang Gliding and even Paragliding from the Illegal commercialization and privatization of our freedom and park by a negligent Tourist Joyriding operation disguised as a school.

The San Diego Recreational Waiver ultimaly restores public access.
Secures our recreational rights and freedom.
Provides a Safer Tandem joyride/and a school that pay their bills.
It's a Win for the City liabilities, hopfully poviding better public safety with pilot recreational rights and freedoms restored ...

The Petition is still active, Sep 8th is the La Jolla Town Council meeting.
As police fail to provide reports against the city leasholder "Air California Adventures" lawlessness, police have hidden the truth, facts from the public, and by doing so accutally helping the City comercialize and privatize a free historically protcted free flight park, While the Town council remains uninformed by hidden, false or misleadeing reports, the City has signed a contract behind closed doors with City leaseholder "Air California Adventure" that violates public recreational access rights, commercializing and privatizing a free public park. this is unacceptable, residents and visiting pilots are blocked out, forced into a contract for insurance and access fees or told to leave the park, any opposing resident or recreational pilots get attackedarrested and even sued by the leaseholder "Air California Adventure" for speaking out and testifying with what seems to be legal impunity.

None of this would be happening if everyone would have walked in with 500 signatures, could reverse your court case and win an appeal while accumulating more US Hawk members as it protects free pilots by numbers. Loss of bissiness and fanme is due to years of public abuse of power by our leasders, and therart of violence.

Would be a great time to show up with Little Hawk and the petition in a group with pilots willing to collect signatures, showing them that Bob and Ernie are not alone, and won't go away, the threat of violence and discrimination needs to stop and justice needs to be served. WE basically have them cornered in public view for media coverage and only growing if you choose.

We can win the appeal and restore our rights by forcing Todd Gloria, Joe La Cava and even the Gliderport to go transparernt to insure the truth gets out and the corruption stops. But, what ends up happening is nothing changes, as it is currupt by design of our leaders.

Pilot ID.jpg
Pilot ID.jpg (542.26 KiB) Viewed 114 times

P.S. Besides NASA's fake Moon landing,...
Torrey Pines Gliderport is commiting "Public Extrotion by City Contract" and one of the biggest aviation lie in recent public history
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