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Warning - unsafe flying conditions ahead


A paraglider - any paraglider - is an aircraft of extremely limited capability with regard to wind and turbulence. As a lightly loaded, relatively high aspect ratio ram air inflated wing, a paraglider is highly subject to spontaneous distortion or partial collapse induced by turbulence, which will result in some degree of both increased descent rate and loss of control. Should this occur close to the ground, an impact at a speed high enough to cause injury or death is not unlikely.
        When paragliding exploded in popularity in the early 90’s, many hang glider pilots warned of the dangers of flying paragliders in strong winds and mid day thermals. A segment of the paragliding community responded by taking this as, effectively, a challenge to their manhood, and their response has been to do everything they can to "prove the old farts wrong." So now we have a new medical condition called "the paraglider limp," and we’ve had to say goodbye to some very close friends who managed to survive hang gliding at the highest levels for 25 years but were killed by untimely collapses in paragliders.

        Mike Meier
        “Warning - unsafe flying conditions ahead”
        Paragliding Magazine, Aug 1999
        as archived by Wills Wing
        accessed 9 July 2014
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