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Re: Recreation Risk Retention Group, Inc. (RRRG)

Postby Craig Muhonen » Mon Sep 19, 2022 6:55 pm

Craig Muhonen wrote:
Rick Masters wrote:County of Los Angeles
Department of Beaches and Harbors
13837 Fiji Way
Marina Del Ray
CA 90292

Dear County of Los Angeles,

It has come to our attention that, while hang glider pilots are charged to use Dockweiler Beach, enthusiasts of other sports are not. We are therefore submitting a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) for concessionaire for the following activities which are presently not covered under the current regulations:


All these activities have produced greater accident numbers than hang gliding at Dockweiler Beach. Therefore, to be equitable and fair, we propose requiring each participant to buy insurance from us to use Dockweiler Beach facilities, using the same model required for hang gliding. Because we are self-insured, it will be necessary for each participant to buy a term of membership in our corporation. We will, of course, ignore California Recreation Law, which holds your County harmless, and maintain the pretext that insurance is necessary for all activities taking place on Los Angeles County premises. The extra money will help us to provide a living wage for the people we hire to regulate these activities. Any who refuse to buy insurance will be turned away or arrested by Los Angeles County police on our complaint. We will, of course, be free to establish our own rates.

Predatory A. Hole

cc: ACLU

- reposted from another US Hawks forum thread -


These are the kind of thought processes and articulated words that are needed more and more, to "educate", have fun with "issues" and make people think.

Submitted with a chuckle .
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