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Re: Best Plan to Save Sport of Hang Gliding

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:59 am

From the WillsWing web site:

I like Dave, and I appreciate his youthful approach. I fully endorse each of his ideas. But they are not enough. There have been structural problems in the sport of hang gliding that aren't addressed by Dave's social media approach. Until those are addressed, hang gliding will continue its slow decline. These are the ideas found in my first post to this topic back in 2019:

Bob Kuczewski wrote: ... I'd like to offer my own thoughts on saving hang gliding:

1. Hang gliding needs an association dedicated to hang gliding. ...

2. The hang gliding community cannot continue to allow their communication channels to be controlled by Jack and Davis. ...

3. Hang gliding must start using the Recreational Use Statutes in every state. ...

4. Hang gliding must be shared friend to friend as it was in the beginning. ...

These are all the things championed by the U.S. Hawks.

Come join us.

I wish Dave (and others) had been more willing to support these ideas ... and the U.S. Hawks.
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