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Postby Chris McKeon » Sat Oct 09, 2021 6:25 pm

I am hoping that some of You Hawkes will Drive up North Here to the Bay Area Mountain site to fly and this post
concerns My Semi-Annual Big Guy Fly-In. I am going to Hold My Fly-In next spring. Check this out; First, and I feel that this is a good point; There will be no entry fee. I will once again be holding the normal Fly-In competitions. Spot Landing; pILOTS WILL ? launch from the Towers Launch. Then they will Make their way down to the Juniper Ridge L-Z where they will land as close to the target cone as possible. Please take Note; The Pilot who lands closest to the Cone. providing that they landed no more than Ten feet from the cone. I will give the HG club of His or Hers choice. I will mail a Check to that Club for $250.00.

There will be an out and return task; Where each pilot will fly out to a predetermined spot that will be located 50 miles away. The Pilots are to then fly back to Diablo and land as close to the Cone that will be set at the Juniper Ridge L-Z..
Then there will be an normal XC Competition. Ok it will go like this; Providing Said Pilot Flies a minimum flight of 100 miles. I will make a Cash payment of Three Dollars per Mile to Said Pilots HG Club of Choice. I will also give the Driver of the winning Pilot, I will give that Driver $50.00 for gas.

think about it; A Pilot could in theory anyways. A Pilot could win all the events. Also think about it. Here is a chance to enrichen Your Club.

Well these are the basic parameters. and rules. I have yet to pick a date. But it will be held on one spring Day.

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