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For all you engineers here

Postby Craig Muhonen » Wed Jan 12, 2022 10:38 am

This is a picture of a "sonic boom" in water, and I'm wondering why it looks exactly like a Hang Glider Wing in the "ocean of Air"?
Sonic Boom in water 11.jpg
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Try to put a Paraglider in this position, would the "wing" stay stable? I don't think so.
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Craig Muhonen
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Re: For all you engineers here

Postby Chris McKeon » Wed Jan 12, 2022 12:35 pm

I wonder if anyone has any thoughts-knowledge regarding Thermal activity out over the Ocean? I mean the Albatross's fly using thermals correct. I would love to try Flying Cross Ocean. I mean I know that One would need to maintain an safety option. It would be imperative that one would have an landing option. Yes it would be good to have a Tug pull an LZ. A flat deck upon which You could Land. Be cause to go into the Ocean wearing a Harness =, Helmet, while attached to a glider this scenario might end in Death!

I for one would love to earn My X-W ratting. XW for Cross water.
Chris McKeon
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Re: For all you engineers here

Postby Bill Cummings » Wed Jan 12, 2022 7:04 pm

I’ve flown over many inland lakes by boat towing.
In the 80’s Minnesota Power and Light Company
released boiler cooling water back into Colby Lake
near Hoyt Lakes Minnesota. This lake stayed ice free
all winter long. The Minnesota Environmental Protection
agency, years later, made the company use cooling ponds
before returning the water to the lake.
Every winter afternoon hundreds of seagulls would
thermal up off the lake and fly 45 miles back to Lake Superior
(One of the five Great Lakes). Superior would also
stay open most all winters.
I would thermal elsewhere over shallow swamps up
until a half an hour before sunset during the summer.
Near sunset the ground would cool sooner than the
shallow swamps. About an hour and a half before sun-
set I would switch from land thermals to swamp water
Thermals crossing over water reflect a darker
wind print than the surrounding water.
It’s just the opposite for wheat fields. The
wind print in a wheat field is a lighter
color. Like a spot light moving across the field of wheat.
Water thermal wind prints may have a calmer lighter
circle inside the darker wind print if the thermal is strong.
Ocean wave soaring birds can ride the lift of the moving
hill (wave) that pushes the air up. Instead of the air moving,
the hill/wave moves producing the same ridge lift.
Dynamic Soaring is another way birds glide without flapping.
I should do well over water because my 2004 Sport 2 flaps
all the time.
Bill Cummings
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