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Alita by Horten .... L' Alita

Postby JoeF » Sat Oct 22, 2022 12:34 am

by Reimar Horten

May the Alita be well studied in this discussion thread!
Horten Alita HX ... -alita.htm

On December 17, 1954, I made a thermal flight of more than one hour with the ‘Alita.’ I released at 500 meters AGL [1640 feet] and climbed up to 1200 meters AGL [3937 feet].

— Rogelio Bertolini writing in Vuelo Silencioso, the Argentina soaring magazine, March 1954 ... blurb.html ... n-alita-hx

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Wing area: 11.2 m²
Wing span: 7.54 m
Hang glider weight: 39 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 75 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 75 kg
Maximum speed: 150 km/h
Max glide ratio: 30
Max glide ratio speed: 50 km/h
Maximum speed: 170 km/h
Max glide ratio: 18
Max glide ratio speed: 78 km/h
Landing speed: 42 km/h
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