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Convert machine PGs to HGs wtih TCFs

Postby JoeF » Sat Oct 29, 2022 2:04 pm

Have a machine PG; convert that material to a framed HG by judicious modifications and incorporation of a frame and TCF. Such is the topic of this discussion thread. What can be done? What has been tried? What have been results? What is the potential within this flow? All those old PGs might be put to good use in making frame HGs.
Maybe cut out the center section of a PG and keep the two wing tips?
Mabe cut off the wing tips of a PG and keep the central section?
Have a framework and attach the PG parts; add TCF (triangle control frame).

Personal, so far: I cut the tips off a used-up PG. I will use those tips to make a non-HG kite. I am aiming to build a frame on which I will mount the central section of the PG. I will add a TCF and rigging lines. Control will be by short-line tethered pilot who operates attitudes by manipulating the framework by direct handling. I will report on the project as steps are made. I intend to use ram-air to give airfoil; so, the cells will be kept intact, perhaps with some hooping at the cell entrance in case there is no wind and I want little delay in inflating the cells. I aim to simply tidy the tip and see how much can be obtained with as little further touch to the canopy as possible. String tying the canopy to a frame will be the first try. Later, perhaps, I might try hiding the HG frame inside the canopy; that might make for a cleaner wing; cut holes in the cell walls; insert spars; rig flight lines to the spar. ... will let you know.

:shock: I put into Google search without quotation marks: :arrow: convert a paraglider into a hang glider :arrow:
and the results are as expected: converting the pilots from one activity to another. That is not the intended subject or focus of the hereon topic. Rather, the topic here is just about using the raw material of a PG and making the machine called a hang glider. I favor the TCF, but others might do something else. Mainly get away from long-string hanging of the pilot and him the pilot grab the framework.

Another search phrase did not win machine notes: :arrow: frame a paraglider to get a hang glider

Using quotation marks: Your search - "make a hang glider out of a paraglider" - did not match any documents.

There are very many "used" paragliders in the world. Framing the canopies to get a HG is the topic.
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