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Soft rigging for HGs ????

Postby JoeF » Sun Oct 30, 2022 8:12 pm

Soft rigging for HGs?
How? Effectiveness? Pros and Cons. Tips. Line materials? Line sheaths? Line handling? What fibers? Care? Line types? Inspection? Creep? Terminals? Knots? Sewing? UV? Moisture? Abrasion? Age? Logging installation, source, results? ???? :?: :?:
Dyneema? Spectra? Carbon fiber? What else? Failure modes? Heat? Cold? Sand? Oil? Treatments? Testing? Altering? Length adjusting tactics? Tools? Cutting? Protecting? Packing? Assembly? Identification of lines? Marking lines? Tactics to make desired lengths? Loads and choices? Storage?


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