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US: LSA vs Ultralight and Hang Glider

Postby JoeF » Fri Nov 04, 2022 10:49 am

US scene:
Light Sport Aircraft ... certifications involved.

Ultralights (not "aircraft" per FARs)
___ powered
___ unpowered, say Hang Glider ... F.A.R. 103 species. No certifications required, no medicals required, no memberships required, no training required, no insurance required, no common sense required, no fees required, no club joining required, no one to blame required, no special permissions to use allowed airspace, ... However, a hang glider pilot must not break any laws or regulations pertaining to vehicles on the ground or in the air, so good common sense would sure help matters. Also helpful: hang glider wings fit to do whatever the pilot intends to do with the flying of such a vehicle.

How much could one learn from other aviation sectors outside of the hang gliding sector that could bring asset to hang gliding? Much, I say. Bring it on! Find gem slants in any aviation sector that might bless hang gliding. Since hang gliding is the "flyingest flying" then one anticipate that explorations in other aviation sectors might clue something to be developed or polished in hang gliding.
Since in US F.A.R. world the hang glider is not an "aircraft" but a "vehicle" then polishing/enhancing our vehiclehood scene seems to be the flow at hand. Pilot a "vehicle"? Maybe "organism" would better apply; our bonding with our hang glider wings might form an "organism" ... a kind of joining the birds and insects. Note: How much relational distance is there between a wingsuiter flying system from a hang glider system?
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