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Hydrogen for Flatlanders? Or more?

Postby JoeF » Sat Dec 02, 2023 12:29 pm

HevenDrones, a company that revolutionized drone tech by integrating it with hydrogen fuel, revealed its latest achievement- the H2D200 Series is hydrogen-powered, and has exceptional payload capacity, extended endurance, and precision flight.

For hang glider pilots that choose to launch into soaring or gliding flight via auxiliary power instead of using powered cars, vans, trucks, etc. to get to launch, will hydrogen play a part?
IE SOAR wrote:Our lightweight, power-dense UAV fuel cell modules allow customers to bypass the constraints of traditional battery technology, significantly extending drone flight times and ranges while producing clean DC power in a robust and lightweight package

Fuel Cell Power Modules (FCPM)
Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Drones and UAVs

Will such be borrowed by hang gliders?

In HG use, what will be the weight costs and noise costs? How might hydrogen fuel-cell-based HGs compare with other electric sources? Ultracapacitor just for one launch? Etc.?

Dean's article regarding motorglider: The AOS-H2 Hydrogen-powered Motor Glider
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