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Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2024 1:13 pm
by Chris McKeon
Kre I am a Broken Down, Posy Crash Predator Pilot. Do I think about Flying again? Heck Yes, I think about Flying almost constantly. But I think about it: Flying or Working? If I were given the Choice: I would choose to be allowed to Drive. So that could get into My Truck and go to Work. I have already gone to the DMV in Tracy where I took the written part of the testing that is required so that I will be allowed to drive again. I would wager that I will be able to if require to do so. I will be able to score at least in the High Nineties, if not pass the Test again with another Score of a Hundred Percent. At this Point and Time. I need an Employe of the Medical System to sign on regarding My taking the Driving Portion of the Test.

I had a Neurologist that I say down in Antioch. Well Doctor Louie had a concern that made sense to Me. He would sign on if I had gone One Year without having a Grand Mall Seizure. He would sign the form that I would need in order for Me to take the Behin the wheel portion of the Testing that I would need in order for Me to get My Driver's License back. The Concern that I Might be Driving. Then experiencing a grand Mall Seizure. No, I do not want that possibility becoming a reality. Nor do any oy You. By the way this September Twenty First, it will be Two Years Since My Last Grand Mall Seizure.

Like the Lyrics in the Grateful Song By "The Grateful Dead": What a Long Strange Trip it's been.

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Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2024 11:23 am
by Chris McKeon
OK when I come down to Dockweiler in May. I will be coming down to Dockweiler Beach Sans My Awesome Predator! If I am able to Fly at all. I will not be Flying My Beloved: "Predator One Fifty-Eight. No even if I could get My Predator down South. I could not Fly it for John Must give My Predator an IRAN before either he or I Fly it.

I so look forward to Flying My Predator. I Yearn to experience the Predators Great Performance. I mean way back after I Procured My One Fifty-Eight Predator. I was so impressed by its Performance capabilities. I mean what a GLIDER! I mean even though the Predator drags Luff lines through the Air. I was called the; "BIG GUY IN THE SKY". So being that I Hooked in at a little over three hundred Pounds. I was always a threat in a speed landing Contests.

BOB, What I am about to write is all about My Predator, it is not about Me. I am not as You said, I am not stretching one of My Physical appendicitis's. Bob, I know that when it comes to how a GLIDER Performs or does fails to Perform as is almost always the case when My Predator, and some SUPER-SHIP Topless that both Gliders launch from the same Mountain on the same Day. there is a good chance that after both Gliders have landed. The Better Glider, which is the Predator will Fly Further.

Ok I realize that I am saying that the Predator is a great Design, It is. So, we will have top just wait and see if the Predator is still able to Outlast other Gliders by "Staying Airborne" Thus by staying up in the Air. The Predator was, and I hope it still is Capable of Out distancing Topless Super Ships while Flying Cross Country.

John was aware success that I had while Flying MY 158 Predator. I once asked John this question. This is after I crashed. I asked JOHN: "JOHN< I wonder if I will still be able to out distance Top=Less Gliders after launching from the same site on the same Day? John's response cracked Me up. "I don't know: Youve need to remember two things: One You are now Sixty Years old, and two: The have had Twenty Years to work on it."

A Pilot Friend of Mine once said to Me: "I simply Just Love to be up in the Sky Flying". I am saying now to Him. You need a Predator.

Ok I suffered a Brain Injury. I am had a Brain Injury. But here it is coming up on fourteen Years later.
I am a walking talking typing Post Injured Predator Pilot. Heck, I had a Brain Injury, I am not Brain - Dead.

OK I do hide the fact that I am, and I have always been a big fan of Johns Creation. I mean: Why would I not be a Big Fan of My Predator? Flying My Predator enjoying it's great Performance enabled Me while Flying My Predator to remine Air born while other Pilots such as My Friend Scott H could not remain up in the Air. I make this Distinction

Re: Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2024 1:41 pm
by Chris McKeon
Ok as the Title of this Post implies: I am Brain Dead. So any and all things that I Type out should be taken along with knowing that The Thoughts came from a Severly Injured Brain.

OK so When I pursued Purchasing My 158 Predator. I knew how hot it was. But it was not till I bought it that I discovered what great attributes that the Predator had. I take My Hat off to John Heiney and the Sail Maker Dick Cheney. I mean what a Glider, What a Wing, such a great Design. It is not just Me who raves about the Predator. You need to hear how Pilots such as Paris Willams, Zack Majors and if He were still alive Ken Muscio would have good things to say about the Predator. But these thoughts are from a: "Brain Dead Predator Pilot". I really should not Harp on this. But I really had Doctors running their Mouths Voicing their thoughts regarding how in their Non-Brain Damaged Minds that I would never rival a Potato intellectually speaking a Potato. And never to walk again. I was paying so as to have these Morons Wrongful Prognosis's. But as that old saying says; "That was then, and this now."

Re: Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2024 12:20 pm
by Chris McKeon
OK well this "Brain Dead Predator Pilot". See I was deemed to be Brain Dead By the Esteemed Kaiser Doctors, who's Prognosis's was that I would be not much better than a Potato deemed that I was doomed. But That just about Fourteen Years ago.

So I was just doing just one of My physical Therapees that I do in order that I will one Day be as Ab normal as I ever was. Play My Gibson SG. I will continue to Play My SG that is until I am able to Play it as well as Angus Young Plays His SG.

But then again it was prophesized by a Kaiser Doctor that I would be Brain Dead. Just how good can a Man who is Brain Dead can be expected to Play? ... &FORM=VIRE

Re: Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2024 1:41 pm
by Chris McKeon
Well I am simply rocking My Way, yes, I am rocking My Way back to being One SG Playing, One Fifty-eight Flying Predator kind of Abnormal kind of Guy.

Re: Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2024 7:46 pm
by Bill Cummings
Chris McKeon wrote:Well I am simply rocking My Way, yes, I am rocking My Way back to being One SG Playing, One Fifty-eight Flying Predator kind of Abnormal kind of Guy.

In a world of 8 billion people what percentage of them are HG pilots?
Statistically HG pilots are abnormal. (Would 4 billion HG pilots make HG a normal activity?)
Chris, abnormal is the new normal if you ask a HG pilot.

Re: Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2024 5:07 pm
by Chris McKeon
So Bill. I do not believe that You and I know each Other, But; Trust Me when I say that while just about Fourteen Years ago in spite of My having had enjoyed this Awesome thing that We do, Free-Flight. I had a very bad Day. So, coming back from when I Hit Terra Ferma with such Force so as to Shear numerous Brain Axons. OK so as I am sure that You do not know Me You will just have to take My Word for it. I was a fairly good Pilot. So, if You doubt what I am saying regarding Flying a Hang Glider. Why Don't YU ask our Friend John Heiney when You See Him; "John, so can this Guy Chris Mckeon, can He really fly well". I feel confident that John would respond by saying something Complementary about My ability to Fly My Predator.

I am so pleased with the fact that the Doctor who was tending to My Pounded Body was incorrect. For I Myself do not even like in any anyway thinking about how My Doctors Prognosis could have been correct. So I ask all of You: Just How Many Potato's have You seen walking around, or better Yet: Flying?

Re: Little HAWK comes to Northwest FLORIDA

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2024 1:41 pm
by Chris McKeon
OK Look I Get It. here I am a Busted up Broken-down Predator Pilot. Well, Yes, I indeed did Hit the Ground 14 Years ago so Hard that I as My attending Doctor at the Time up here in Northern California at the Hospital had the Insite Medical Knowledge and a Wealth of Experience and Medical Knowledge relayed the Message to My Friend: "PILOT-X", that My Family should be notified. Because I would not Survive or was it: That I would not make it. Well Anyways. The Idea of My chances Proposed to Pilot X were not Promising regarding My Flying again. Infact. I never Heard about the Idea of The Doctors ever Mentioning to My Sister that They thought regarding My recovering from the vicious pounding that I took on March 28th. 2010. I mean what I experienced, and I guess I will still experience is well; It is like this: OK You are in a Vicious, Brutal Auto Mobile Accident. You spend three Mouths in a Coma. Your Awesome Loving Sister stays with You in the Hospital Night and Day. But all through the Duration of Your Stay in the Hospital. No One Not The {First Responders}. You never heard of any thoughts, Musings, Ideas that Your stay in the Hospital was for not. You would not survive. It really is like Crunching Your Fender in a Firm Fender Bender accident. Well once You take your Car to A Body and fender repair shop You are informed that you should total your car.

S You Guys can Probably understand Why I am chomping at the Bit too get My Post Busted up Broken Down Body down to Dockweiler in Mat so that I can be a Dune Goon.


Bob I understand that I am about to Post this Message on the wrong Post. So please feel Free to Move it, or even Delete it. Sorry that I did this, BUT I have Mental Issues that I am dealing with.

Good BY TO All. I hope to see and meet a lot of You in May.

GOOD By Chris Mckeon. 

Re: Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2024 12:33 pm
by Chris McKeon ... &FORM=VIRE

I just want to say that My Playing Gibson SG Guitar is flat out the best Darn Physical Therapy Device that I have used so far in order to rehabilitate My Left Hand. Presently Iam trying to improve the Mobility of <y Left hand, so that I have more Mobility up and down the neck of the Guitar.

Re: Brain Dead?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2024 4:50 pm
by Chris McKeon
I mean for Me to if I indeed Do Fly Again. If I Fly from some ridge. By the way I have already had to listen to My sister Who said to Me about a Phone call that She had with a HG Pilot friend of Mine. When Kathleen said to My Pilot Friend How I very well might begin My first Flights off a Training Hill. Then I hope to Proceed to doing some Ridge Soaring. For me to merely be able to stride forward into the Prevailing Wind and achieve Flight for I do not know? Possibly I will be Airborne for even a Flight that might be for a Lenth in Feet of say Fifty Feet. And the Flight lasting in duration for only a few seconds. It will be the Most thrilling Flight for Me in Thirty-Three Years. Not only that. It will be My most awesome Flight that I will ever make.

But My H-G Pilot Friend Condemned the very idea that I might be doing some Ridge soaring..