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Flying Thoughts: PREDATOR!

Postby Chris McKeon » Thu Apr 11, 2024 8:46 am

Well here I sit just a thinking about Flying, While Type about Flying. I know. I Know Iam a sorry Case. Heck: I say if You cannot Fly, Type about Flying. Ok Here I will try to express in Words, how I feel about Flying. I as our friend Bob K once said to Me; I just love to be up in the Air. Yes, I agree with Bob. What Place is a happier Place to be than flying up in the Air, would You want to Be on a Given Day. SINK RATE AND THE PREDATOR. My Friend Zack Majors said that the Predator has a: "Phenomenal sink Rate." I have had times while Flying an XC Route, when I was on the Verge of having gotten so low that I was just about having to Set - Up a D-B-F. Being Mile's from a road. Being Mikes from a road, thus having to make the Decision that landing My Predator Should be way up on My Decision list. Well, feeling a Bump of Lift on say My left Wing. I had the confidence that Being that I was Flying My Predator, that I could Bennifete from the available lift. Therefore, I found Myself going around, and around. I then Climbed back up to Cloud Base. I like our friend Bob just simply love to be up in the Air Flying. Besides if You sink out, Your Day is pretty much over.


John than You for Designing such an awesome glider.
Chris McKeon
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