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Re: Missouri "Mo Hawks"

PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:02 pm
by Frank Colver
Ah......too bad I didn't get in there back in '10 in time for #7. ;)

Who knew, that getting involved with placing an HG history marker in '11 would take me to Cape Kiwanda in '12 and eventually lead me back to flying regularly, with my own glider again in '15. Sold that glider to Joe Faust in '17 because I've got three others. Interesting how life works.

By coincidence I was member #7 of the Harbor Slope Soaring Society (R/C gliders), and then #7 ot the Peninsula Hang Gliding Club when it was organized by Dick Eipper (Joe Faust became #5 at that same organizational meeting, I was second behind him, my son Matt was #8) and when I voted, as VP of the SCHGA, to go national with that org., I automatically became #7 in the new USHGA which unfortunately has morphed into what has become the USHPA of today. :(

Frank Colver, HSSS #7, PHGC #7, SCHGA #7, USHGA #7, USHPA #7, Mo Hawks #------------?

Ah, but I'm numero uno of the Friends of Dockweiler Gliding Society, so I'm coming up in the HG world!

BTW - I lived in MO (Kansas City area) for six months back in 1965 (brought an R/C glider with me but too many trees on the hills for slope soaring). Headed back to SoCal when the snow began to fall. :D

Re: Missouri "Mo Hawks"

PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:24 am
by Bob Kuczewski
Frank Colver wrote:Frank Colver, HSSS #7, PHGC #7, SCHGA #7, USHGA #7, USHPA #7, Mo Hawks #------------?

I think the #7 slot is still open in the Mo Hawks.

What do you say Warren? It might be a nice olive branch. :angel: