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Postby wingspan33 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:33 am

Nice to hear from you Frank! :thumbup:

I just posted to another thread about something I learned from some incidents that I have witnessed. What I learned is that launching collapsible canopies (even if you don't end up in the air) is dangerous. :thumbdown:
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Postby Craig Muhonen » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:44 pm


:arrow: Describe or report an incident.
:arrow: Study the incident.
:arrow: What could be learned from the incident?
:arrow: Modified aims?
:arrow: Modified checklist? Schedule a certain item to check?
:arrow: Plan and fulfill practice of something?
:arrow: Schedule actions (inspection, practice, observation, study, purchase, instruction, tutoring, ... )

Let's keep things up and going, so as not to repeat a similar incident.

  "What will I do to stay free from what happened in that incident?"   :?:

"Do I have what it takes to avoid such an incident?" :?:


Thank you Joe and Rick and others for trying to make hang gliding, and flying in general, a safer sport. I personally believe that "newcombers" would greatly benefit by having ground schooling include hours of film and training, showing "what could go wrong". I have watched and read posts on "botched" landings , which stepped into the pilots mind and put into words what went wrong. Error #1, mistake #2, "what if I had done this"? #3, so on and so on. If students could watch video (with stop action) and have the instructor show each moment of an accident, when they "launched" into the air, they could have a better understanding of "the practice of flying".

This is not a "hot" topic, it's a "must" topic, thank you guys for being "instructors"

And thank you Bob for teaching me how to "fly" with US HAWKS.
"grow brave by reflection". And invincible with written words.
Craig Muhonen
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