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Postby Craig Muhonen » Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:24 pm

Contrast the "health" benefits of paragliding........ (not wishing this on anybody) ......up until the "canopy" collapses .
Also contrast the fairly aggressive marketing . ... g_outdoors

Tuesday, 13 June 2017. Para pax Paragliding ; Enabling people to be fearless.

Do you cherish a dream of soaring like a bird in the sky? If yes then paragliding is the best option for you that can fulfill your dream. This will enable you to explore the mysterious sky like a hawk. Now you may raise a question, what is paragliding? Actually, this is an outdoor sports activity that has gained global recognition within a very short time. Unlike the other thrilling sports activities this is safer and easier.
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It's an "Extreme" sport.....safer and easier?????

"Like a Hawk?" I doubt you qualify .
And " Global Reconition" means that you can buy a paraglider that is only made in China or Vietnam, and has to be "scrapped" after 2 or 3 years.

I doubt that the Smithsonian will "hang" one, but we'll see.

Now contrast the "health benefits" of being a ®HangGlider Pilot.
And the "common sense" marketing . ... beginners/
add in the athletic abilities gained from flying and transporting your ®HangGlider and the dedication learned from extensive training.
Now a parody contrast; "Canape`" under a "canopy", .... sunshade, awning, baldachin.

Canape` - From the French word for sofa, drawing on the analogy that the "garnish" sits atop the bread, as people sit on a couch .

"Garnish" on stale bread, under a sunshade..... Now there's a creative advertising campaign.

I wonder if tandem paragliders feel like "garnish".ha.

"Looking for consciousness in the brain, is like looking for the band in the radio"
"Tune the radio to the heart"
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