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Tracklog discoveries

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:45 pm
by Wyatt
So I finally bothered loading all my tracklogs onto Leonardo, and I've made some discoveries. I've calculated hours, flights and miles per year, and I've come to some interesting discoveries, for anyone who cares:

1) I thought I had way more hours on my Mentor 2 (last wing) as I have on my Tala (current wing), but they're about the same. Just seems like the Mentor has more hours because it is sun-faded. Crazy that it only has about 60 hours on it, it looks like it has 150. I thought it had 150, because I didn't bother adding up my tracklogs.

2) I've been getting slightly fewer flights each year. But apart from 2014, when I re-discovered dating, I've still been either getting in a decent amount of miles or a decent amount of hours.

3) I get SIGNIFICANTLY more sledders or extended sledders than I get big flights. I only remember the big flights, though, so I remember myself as a better pilot than I actually am.

4) My best year of flying so far was 2013, and I laid down twice the amount of miles that year than any other year. I only got 50% more flights in that year than this year, but twice the miles. And that's mostly because in that year, Sean Buckner (flying buddy, instructor, tow winch builder/operator) was willing to retrieve me any time because he didn't have a lot of obligations. He has since learned that retrieving me isn't something that's in his best interest to do all the time, heehee. So knowing you have a retrieve definitely makes you go farther.

So, in 2017, come out and tow with me. My wife will retrieve. And you will go farther.

Re: Tracklog discoveries

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:58 pm
by RobinHastings
I like your insights, Wyatt! I should probably go through my own logbook and see what discoveries I can make.