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Volcanic Peak, 376' agl, Face 025º, 0.2mi Long

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Re: Volcanic Peak, 376' agl, Face 025º, 0.2mi Long

Postby Bill Cummings » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:20 am

RobinHastings wrote:Wednesday, October 30, 2019:
I had already done some flying this week, a nice Saturday afternoon at Magdalena Rim - but, when the winds are right, you have to go! (The last time we flew here was in November, almost a year ago.) A cold front blew through our region today, bringing strong NE winds and some chilly temperatures. I thought, at noon, things looked like a blowout, but Bill Cummings said, "If you don't have anything better to do today, let's check out the road - and maybe it'll be flyable." Well, the road out to Volcanic Peak was looking pretty good - and the conditions, given a lull to launch in, were flyable indeed. We got to the launch by 2:00 pm MDT (and don't forget, we're back on Standard Time this Sunday). The winds were coming in at 20+ mph, right up the ramp, but when I stood there with my Sport 2 it was already trying to fly. I waited until the winds lulled to 15-18 mph, and I had control of the glider. Bill cleared right out of the way, I got about one step in and I was flying, rising up and turning right. The ridge lift was good; it didn't take long to get 100 ft over launch height, at this 375-foot hill. Just making S-turns today, I made it up to 400 ft over. (Sometimes I sank down to 50 or 100, but there was usually something to sustain me right after that.) After 25 minutes of smooth ridge lift flying (and occasional thermals) I headed out when I got back down to ridge height. Heading upwind, with no additional lift, I ended up 100 yards short of the flag, landing in the creosote bushes but doing it fairly well, for me. Duration was about 30 minutes of real fun airtime, and I am ever grateful to Bill for a) Suggesting it and b) Making it happen. Isn't autumn wonderful?

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Re: Volcanic Peak, 376' agl, Face 025º, 0.2mi Long

Postby RobinHastings » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:58 am

What a nice video, Bill! Well edited and captioned. It captures the essence of what a fun site this can be - as long as the launch goes well.
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Re: Volcanic Peak, 376' agl, Face 025º, 0.2mi Long

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:58 pm

Billman and Robin - my favorite winged crusaders!!

Nice flying Robin, and nice video work Bill. :)
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