Dry Canyon Fly-In, Alamogordo, New Mexico

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Dry Canyon Fly-In, Alamogordo, New Mexico

Postby RobinHastings » Thu May 07, 2015 10:18 am

Attention all pilots! (Drivers, too.) Though it never was published in the USHPA magazine this year, we ARE holding our annual Dry Canyon Fly-In over Memorial Day weekend this year, May 23-25. (I'll be there on Friday the 22nd, too, if you want to make it a 4-day weekend.) If you'd like some mountain flying in a community that loves flight, come to Alamogordo, New Mexico and join us in the Rio Grande Soaring Association for some airtime. We'll have contests, trophies and a barbecue, and almost always good air for both HG and PG. As a bonus, while you're taking a boomer thermal up to a mile over the launch, your family can be enjoying the cool pines of Cloudcroft, about 20 minutes up the mountain from Alamogordo. Plenty of restaurants, hotels and camping there in town, with lots of family-fun activities in the area (like White Sands National Monument, or the Space Hall of Fame). Entry fee is $25, which is the RGSA's principle fundraiser for the year, paying the site insurance and other expenses. Hang 3/Para 3 for Dry Canyon, but Hang 2/Para 2 is OK for the nearby La Luz site. We'll hope to see you there - pass the word!
-Robin Hastings
RGSA President
Directions to Dry Canyon Landing Zone: In Alamogordo, take White Sands Blvd. (the main north/south street) to Fairgrounds Drive. Turn east, towards the mountains, and follow Fairgrounds past Florida Avenue and the adjacent Griggs Sports Complex baseball fields. Turn at the yellow gate - you are now in the Cox Field LZ, with a windsock out at the edge of it. See you there, about 8:00 each morning!
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