Beach Sand

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Beach Sand

Postby JoeF » Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:44 pm

Beach sand
This topic thread invites the exploration of one of Dockweiler's elements among air, wind, ocean water, sun, temperature, people, bicycles, parking lot, cars, insects, microbes, birds, water vapor, salt, concessions, gravity, slopes, plants, ... Well, sand is worthy of attention for hang glider pilots and friends of Dockweiler gliding. Have fun mastering sand. Tell us your sand stories or special sandy insights.

Sand #1:
Sandy sneakers, as mentioned by Frank Colver! How does that sand get into hang glider pilots' shoes and socks? Barefoot? Consider imperfect debris clearing; there has been some nasty glass cuts; there may be other sharpies waiting for a foot. Rocks still are part of the more sturdy slope scene, else the slopes would just disappear. Granite bits seem to be part of the slope construction, not just sand. But sand has high presence on the slope face and LZ. Share ways you might be keeping sand out of your sneakers!!

Sand #2:
We do not want sand packed into our packed wings. Wet sand, moist sand, humid-day wet sand seems to have its own way of sticking around. Consider use of baby powder to dry surfaces or some other non-toxic talc (check with compatibility with sail and aluminum and metals of the hang glider). Consider a battery-powered vacuum cleaner; use the wind to recharge the batteries, perhaps.

Sand #3:
Efficient low-calorie walks and wing carries in the sand: Step into the low dents as one goes.

Sand #4:
Want high-calorie sand walking and wing carries? Then step on the high regions of the sand deck; this will work one's body more than the above method.

Sand #5
Sand gets into wing tips too often! Shake the sand out. Get better at avoiding the sandy wings!

Sand #6
Consider moving sand off the places of the site where there is excess sand; put the sand someplace where it will improve the site. Ask if in doubt.

Sand #7
Types of sand? Surf's wet sand. Higher moist sand. Recently dried sand that sits just above moist sand. Very dry sand further away form the surf. Sand mixed with granite. Sand blown to places that cover site monument platform. Sand in the site office floor. Hybrid mixes of sand with various types of debris (food, charcoal, tar balls, etc). Name others?

Sand #8
Off LZ sand for sculpting. Family art sand play?

Sand #9
Sand in bags for ballast? HG ballast? Drop ballast (check with Safety Director) sand? Off LZ kiting ballast bags of sand?

Sand #10
Sand anchors for kite systems away from LZ.

Sand #11
Textures of the sand deck upwind in the LZ? What if the sand deck was very smooth from the surf to the launch? Rare, rare, rare! Rather, there are continual service wheeled vehicles that make deep tracks parallel to the surf and normal to the wind, approximately. People drag cooler and strollers to make tracks. Birds and people have stepping imprints that puts texture into the sand deck. But what if a team of friends of Dockweiler gliding did smooth the sand deck or a 30' wide path? What would such do to the wind gradient?

Sand #12
What is the history of the sand at Dockweiler? Geologic history? Maintenance? Erosion? Loss? Gains? Replenish? What is the future of the sand at the site? Start:

Sand #13
What is the temperature of the sand 12" below the dry sand in the LZ deck or aside of the LZ? Two feet deep? Could such keep drinks cool on hot days?

Sand #14
Sand and wheels? Gouging may still occur. Wished rolling does not always occur. Master the physics involved. Note the texture of the sand. Study incidents.

Sand #15
Getting physically fit for the amount of sand walking, hiking, running, wing carrying that one wants. Calendar one's progress. Give the matter the time needed.

Sand #16
Sand LZ damps some forces that would otherwise be troublesome. But let not such blessing keep one from aiming fully for great flying operations. Dangers remains in hang gliding; sand will not save one from all flight operation mistakes.

Sand #17
Running speed on sand is less than what one may achieve on firm soils. This slower item may affect some flight experiments. Explore.

Sand #18
Taut sheet on LZ sand deck or off the LZ sand deck may allow wing running at higher speeds.

Sand #19
Bagged sand may make a napper formation off the LZ.

Sand #20
Holes dug in the sand by visitors may be filled by friends of Dockweiler gliding.

Sand #21
Soft markers may be placed in the LZ sand for marking targets or distance efforts. Retrieve your markers. Or smooth the sand deck and then put a small mound of sand to mark?

Sand #22
What microbes and bugs, if any live in the LZ sand? At what depths? What do the birds add to the sand? Biologist in the house? The lifeforms change from the always water-submerged zone to the high dry sand. Many zones between the first and last zone. E.g., And: ... -chap6.pdf

Sand #23
Dropped items might get lost. Metal detecting? Ferrous items might be retrieved by a magnet. Handy sieves to recover items?

Sand #24
There are some sporadic rocks in the sand. Where might these be placed?

Sand #25
Dogs, smoking, and fires are prohibited on the sand deck involved with the hang gliding center.

Sand #26
HG has some privilege at the beach in designated area; but HG does not have right-of-way. Ever smile. Inform sand dwellers of the operations and needs; ask for cooperation; if they dwell "over in that region" we won't fly on them while they get to see us fly in the areas designated for possible flight; this is Los Angeles' only beach flight training site for those who want to fly like a bird. Answer questions. Sand dwellers and sand users do not have to move; they have a right to be in the LZ. We neatly and cooly cooperate or we lose reputation. Complaining beach citizens will not be good for the site record. Early requests to the sand dwellers before camp has been set trumps getting established camps moved! Win-win. Would a small graphic map be a tool for negotiation?

Sand #27
Drip sand from one's hand. The sand fall will indicate the wind direction. Or toss up a handful of sand for the same purpose.

.. Feel free to explore sand notes in this topic thread. Add sand notes. Correct any misinformation. Advanced mentioned sand topics.
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Re: Beach Sand

Postby Frank Colver » Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:34 pm

My personal preference, for my Dockweiler Beach sneakers is to be sock-less. Socks, especially thick athletic socks, hold more sand than bare feet. However, after a day of, barefoot in sneakers, launching and landing runs, don't take the sneakers off in a closed vehicle, especially if others are present! :sick: :oops:

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