Shoes for Dockweiler Gliding

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Shoes for Dockweiler Gliding

Postby JoeF » Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:55 am

This topic is dedicated to footwear for Dockweiler gliding.
We have a specialized sandy environment. The sand launch area has gravel and some debris mixed in it. Bare feet has been used for decades, but severe foot injuries have also occurred. Even in the LZ, one may not be sure that some broken glass or sharpie or broken glass or sharp-edge sporadic rock or beach-chair broken metal tube, etc. is not just under the sand surface. Beach cleaning is done, but the process is not perfect. And sand gets into many shoes or socks. So, what are some good options offered by the shoe industry for our special sandy site? Does one want ballast? Does one want to keep sand outside of the shoes and socks? Any recommendations and proof of use? There is a safety issue involved here: uncomfortable shoes may affect just how one launches and lands a hang glider.

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