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Postby Bob Kuczewski » Tue Jun 22, 2021 3:18 am

Thanks Frank and Bill!    :wave:

It turned out to be a very good flying day ... almost too good. Joe and I were flying Frank's "old" Condor 225 (thanks Frank!), and the wind was so good that we were able to soar it much like the 330. Every time I took an extended soaring flight I was losing daylight hours needed for the record ... but it was too fun to resist. It was also so good that even my non-soaring flights were soaring. Towards the end of the day, Joe and I were strategizing on how to get me down sooner to take up less time per flight.

I had a glider-mounted camera, and I captured every flight except two where I forgot to turn it on. I plan to make a sped-up video of the days' flights when I find some time.

Thanks again to Joe and Angela for being my all-day observers, and thanks to Frank for the glider.
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