Coilable long skis for some HGs for some scenes

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Coilable long skis for some HGs for some scenes

Postby JoeF » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:49 pm

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Coilable long skis for some HGs for some scenes for wing returns in low winds:
One scene is Dockweiler hang gliding park. Sandy surfaces for slope and landing area.

I am aiming to build and apply a coilable set of two long skis for use in low wind conditions for wing returns. Each ski will stow coiled about an extant basebar-mounted broad-tread wheel. Upon landing and near ready for a return of wing to the launch zone, each coiled ski will be uncoiled and affixed to the aft keel tip; the affixing to the keel will also achieve a slight upcurve at the keel area of the ski; the two skis will stay integrated with the extant control-frame-basebar-held wheels. Then with the wing's nose high in low wind and the keel aft tip faced with the long skis, a pushing on the front flying lines or a pushing on the two downtubes should effect a non-dig-in sleighing or skiing for a wing's return to the launching area. The slight wind will simply reduce the amount of pushing needed to move the wing atop the sand and up the slope to the launching zone.

During flight the skis are coiled onto the tread of the basebar-held wide-tread wheels. A solo pilot will be able to recoil the skis onto the wheels. Thus the skis will be available upon landing. If the wind comes up and the wing can be kited well, then the skis need not be used for a return.
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