51st Anniversary of Otto Meet - May 23, 2022

Honoring the rich history and bright future of gliding at Dockweiler Beach

Re: 51st Anniversary of Otto Meet - May 23, 2022

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Mon Jan 10, 2022 1:53 pm

Frank Colver wrote:Several years ago I did ask him to publish or provide a list of banned people and he refused. As I recall he did have you and maybe one or two others listed in some section of the forum but I haven/t looked at any sections there, other than the General HG Subject, in a number of years. There certainly wasn't a comprehensive list, as I remember.

      Refuses to publish list of banned pilots      Openly publishes a list of banned pilots
      Moderator changes member's posts      Member's Posts are highly respected
      Entire topics full of posts deleted      The history of topics and posts are preserved
      No links to USHGRS.org      Welcomes links to USHGRS.org
      No links to ushawks.org      Welcomes links to hanggliding.org
      No mention of banned pilots      All references are welcome
      No videos of banned pilots      All videos are welcome
      Absolute control by one person      Greatly influenced by Trial Board of Directors
      No procedure for due process      Demonstrated procedure for due process
      No club forums      Dedicated Club Forums with authority granted to club officers
      Littered with commercial advertisements      No commercial advertisements
      Potential sharing of member data with other organizations      No commercial exploitation of member data
      Jack's Living Room      Hang Gliding's Living Room

Sorry about the diversion. This topic should focus on the Otto Meet.

So thanks again Frank for posting the notice on hanggliding.org.

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Re: 51st Anniversary of Otto Meet - May 23, 2022

Postby Chris McKeon » Mon Jan 17, 2022 1:31 pm

Well My Friend Dave C and I hopefully will be Coming down for the Meet. I hopefully will be Flying Franks Condor 330. Is that Condor really 330Sqaure feet? I mean Wow! that is one Big Wing. And to think that I thought that My first Glider was Big. My first Glider was a Wills Wing 225. That Glider had such a terrible Glide. But it Certainly was a Climb Monster.

So I plan regaining My ratings. I hope that I remember how to; Do-It. will have4 not flown a Hang-Glider in 12 Years when I hopefully Fly Franks Condor.
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