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Thank you to Joe F. from Ben R.

Postby Bill Cummings » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:53 pm

Found at the Oz Report Forum:
New post Re: Rogallo Drawing Thu, Apr 21 2016, 8:25:11 am

It's not the "Kilbo Kite" it is the "Kilbo Plan" in which Kilborne calls it a "Rogallo Wing".

How did I infer a "Kilbo Kite" was better than a "Kilborne Wing"?

I made a statement that Dave Kilborne derserves credit for not calling it a "Kilborne Wing".

It is the "Kilbo Plan" which credits the "Rogallo Wing" several times in the text of the plan!

Now I ask you again, what did you want us all to see in this plan that is so important to your claims?

Tell us what is in the photo of the elder Rogallo holding a kite made from an old curtain?

Yes I have read the letters between Dickenson and Rogallo and even referenced them and the
enclousers that Rogallo included many pages ago… Rolling Eyes

I even read the history of Rogallo written by Joe Faust which is very comprehensive and accurate.

Thank you Joe Faust for your considerable efforts writing these histories.

This getting embarrassing for you again G.

I am to busy to continue this kind of as you called it "wasting everyone's time".


I too thank you Joe Faust.
Bill Cummings
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