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Ben's Five Locks Topic

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Sun Aug 25, 2019 11:44 am

Ben Reese has been speaking up about the problems in the sport of hang gliding for some time now on the Oz Forum. Unfortunately, many of Ben's topics have been locked and his posts have been deleted ("poofed").

Five_Locks.png (10.29 KiB) Viewed 679 times

Ben started a new "Five Locks" topic here:

Here's Ben's first post (with words replacing undisplayable icons etc):

Ben Reese wrote:The key to the continued locking of threads is competition.

The key to continued ghosting & poofing of posts is competition.

The key to continued mis-management of USHPA is competition.

The key to censored information is competition.

HGGA - Hang Gliding Global Access

HGGA - Hang Gliding Gateway to Aviation

HGAGA - Hang Gliding Aviation Gateway Association

I predict as an example above that something new will begin.
That Hang Gliding will grow up and become more professional.
That a forum run by an association will be civil and valuable as a resource.
That an association will rise and serve the sport of Hang Gliding leaving the old ways behind.

The old ways of doing things is damaging to Hang Gliding including this forum..
The information is censored and subject to a low bar of contribution.

Davis has it within his power to raise this bar but does not see the value in it..

There is still time Davis..

How many have left? Many…
How many are leaving? Many and often…
How many are banned? Too many…
How many were deleted? Also too many..
How many simply ignore the OZ Report now? Enough to worry…
How many open up the OZ Forum but never sign in? Most…

These numbers are changing and they predict the future..

I am a nobody so you can ignore me..

Oh wait… I am just like everybody else who reads here…

You ban me and you ban everyone!!

Sleep on that…


Ben is exactly right. The key to fixing all of these problems is competition. USHPA's monopoly is the core of the problem. USHPA's monopoly power is aided by both Jack ( and Davis ( Both have now forbidden referencing the U.S. Hawks (which dares to compete with USHPA). Collusion to violate U.S. anti-trust legislation?
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