Hat Creek Rim

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Hat Creek Rim

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Hat Creek Rim is a famous Glass Off site. It is known for its consistent summertime evening glass offs when pilots can often find abundant smooth buoyant air. It is common to see the HG's take off earlier than the PG's while they wait for lighter launch winds.
It is a good idea to hookup with locals at the site. Ham Radio simplex frequency 146.415 Mhz is used and monitored by locals on flying days and most summer weekends you will find pilots here.

Hat Creek Rim Launch

  • Altitude: 4580 ft
  • Latitude: 40.843°
  • Longitude: -121.427°
  • Wind Direction: From 265° to 310°

Directions: From Hwy 89 take Doty Road to Bidwell road Follow Bidwell Road until T junction and turn left. The roads into LZ 2 and LZ 1 are marked and will be on your left. Continue on this road to launch which is also marked.

Dirt ramp progressing in steepness.

LZ1 - LZ
LZ 1 is the closest to launch approx 3:1 glide and due to its size and the fact that it is surrounded by tall trees is used primarily as a PG LZ. Landing here in a modern high performance glider can be demanding. Landing in any significant wind can be very demanding due to the tall trees

LZ2 - LZ
LZ 2 is the most popular LZ for HG's but is great for PG also. It is a large field with a permanent windsock and landings should be made to the South of the windsock and the line of painted rocks running East/West as the land North of these rocks is private property. This LZ also has tall trees which can make the LZ rough in high winds or during midday thermal activity. It is approx a 7:1 glide from launch

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