Gallatin Peak

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Gallatin Peak

Postby InMemoryOfSara » Fri Jan 23, 2015 11:13 am

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Gallatin Peak is a great site for Northerly winds. It is used very little and mainly by locals. Spectacular views of Eagle Lake can be had at launch and landing is on Gallatin Beach at the Day Use Area. Daytime XC's to Susanville have been done by locals and evening glass offs to 12000' have been known to happen.

Gallatin Peak Launch

  • Altitude: 6930 ft
  • Latitude: 40.5647°
  • Longitude: -120.742°
  • Wind Direction: From 335° to 15°

Directions: 4WD Required Very difficult to find launch. Due to rare "good" days and sensitivity We ask that you contact a local to fly here first time and be guided.

Gallatin Beach - LZ
Sandy Beach Usually large unless lake is very full. Beach is day use area and is locked at sunset.

Ronald McDonald Camp - NO LAND AREA
PLEASE do not land here. The Ronald McDonald camp houses disabled children who use this beach area.

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