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Re: Oz Forum Migrating to FaceBook

Postby Bill Cummings » Sun Feb 28, 2021 1:44 am

KaiMartin wrote:It is a little irritating to see the Oz Report migrate to facebook in 2021. That's about ten years after the company has been exposed as a substantial data leech.

I haven’t forgot. I won’t be going to book face or hg dot sg
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Re: Oz Forum Migrating to FaceBook

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Sun Feb 28, 2021 11:59 am


Andrew Vanis wrote:Don't like FB and actively stay away from it.

Davis Straub wrote:You will be a loser when it comes to the next evolution of the Oz Report.

Kai Martin wrote:
The Oz Report wrote:Feel free to respond or comment.

I used to be a fairly active facebook user. It started about the time when social media went viral in the computerphile segment of the population. I got my account in 2008, had a little chit-chat with friends, posted a few photos played farmville when it was fresh and generally had a good time. 

However, as time passed, it transpired that facebook has a tendency to store and analyze the data and meta data of their users quite extensively. Meanwhile, I got more aware of my privacy on the internet. At some point I did not feel comfortable with facebook anymore. So I stopped logging into my account and used other, more trustworthy modes of online communication. That was back in mid 2012. To this day, the facebook algorithm still sends me emails about "friends" who just signed in, or birthdays of persons I am supposed to know. 

This is not a freak incidence but a necessity for large internet companies. They don't peddle user data because they are evil. They have to do it to survive and thrive economically. This is called surveillance capitalism.

The Oz Report wrote:You will be a loser when it comes to the next evolution of the Oz Report.

Well, to me it also looks like the Oz Report looses me as a reader and member of the forum community.

Thanks for all the fish,


For Davis Straub, everything is about winners and losers. What's right or wrong doesn't figure into his thinking. That's doubly true for Jack Axaopoulos on

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