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Postby Bob Kuczewski » Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:59 pm

I thought I'd open a separate topic for Technical Discussions about this AFFA Demo forum.

Registration Process

When you first register, the forum will ask you for a code word. You can get it from your club's president or call me directly at 858-204-7499. You'll generally get a follow-up email message just to confirm that you're someone interested in flying before you get full posting privileges to the forum.

Note that registering for the US Hawks gives you posting rights to national sections of the forum. It also gives you posting rights to most of the US Hawks Chapter forums. However, each Chapter decides who can post (or even read) their own forums. This gives each Chapter the ability to make their own policies regarding their forums.


Right now (December 12th, 2013) the forum is pretty much using the default forum style. But if you look around at some of the other chapters, you'll see that several of them have chosen their own distinctive styles. It takes a little bit of work (a few hours maybe) for me to do minor customization of forum styles that are already installed and used by other clubs. It takes a few more hours for me to download, install, and customize styles that aren't already used by any other clubs. I can do either at the AFFA's request. Just let me know.

Since the old AFFA forum used the default style, I'm inclined to stick with it for now so it will be most familiar to all of your members. But if you'd like me to "spiff it up" a bit like I did for the RGSA Demo, please let me know.

Having said all of that, the easiest thing for me to do right now is install the proper logo for your club. So if anyone would like to post it, I'll be happy to do that right away. You can post pictures by clicking the "Upload attachment" tab below the editing window, then click "Browse..." to find the file on your local computer, and finally click "Add the file" to actually add it to your post. If you have any questions, just post them to this topic. I'll be watching it ... like a hawk. :)

Getting Help with the Forum

If you have any questions, the easiest thing to do is just give me a call at 858-204-7499. I can often help right then. If you want to do a little researching on your own, we've got a topic with lots of general tips at:

    Board Index   /   Building the US Hawks   /   Forum Help and "How To's"

You can also read the "Frequently Asked Questions" which shows up as "FAQ" in the upper right region of many pages (listed with "FAQ    Members    Logout"). Here's a list of the current "Frequently Asked Questions" available by clicking on "FAQ":

About the US Hawks
     What is the US Hawks?
     What does it cost to join the US Hawks?
     Why do we need another organization?
     Won't the US Hawks further fragment our resources?
     What will keep the US Hawks from becoming another USHPA or HGAA?
     Will the US Hawks offer insurance?
     Will the US Hawks try to replace USHPA or the HGAA?
     How will the US Hawks try to be different from USHPA or the HGAA?
     Is there a Board of Directors for the US Hawks?
     Can local chapters join the US Hawks?
     Do all local chapters have to have 'Hawks' in their name?
     Do I have to be a member of the US Hawks to use the forum?
     Can I donate to the US Hawks?
     If I can't donate, then what can I do to help?

Current Login and Registration Issues (newest on top)
     Confirmation Code too short or incorrect?

Login and Registration Issues
     Why can’t I login?
     Why do I need to register at all?
     Why do I get logged off automatically?
     How do I prevent my username appearing in the online user listings?
     I’ve lost my password!
     I registered but cannot login!
     I registered in the past but cannot login any more?!
     What is COPPA?
     Why can’t I register?
     What does the “Delete all board cookies” do?

User Preferences and settings
     How do I change my settings?
     The times are not correct!
     I changed the timezone and the time is still wrong!
     My language is not in the list!
     How do I show an image along with my username?
     What is my rank and how do I change it?
     When I click the e-mail link for a user it asks me to login?

Posting Issues
     How do I post a topic in a forum?
     How do I edit or delete a post?
     How do I add a signature to my post?
     How do I create a poll?
     Why can’t I add more poll options?
     How do I edit or delete a poll?
     Why can’t I access a forum?
     Why can’t I add attachments?
     Why did I receive a warning?
     How can I report posts to a moderator?
     What is the “Save” button for in topic posting?
     Why does my post need to be approved?
     How do I bump my topic?

Formatting and Topic Types
     What is BBCode?
     Can I use HTML?
     What are Smilies?
     Can I post images?
     What are global announcements?
     What are announcements?
     What are sticky topics?
     What are locked topics?
     What are topic icons?

User Levels and Groups
     What are Administrators?
     What are Moderators?
     What are usergroups?
     Where are the usergroups and how do I join one?
     How do I become a usergroup leader?
     Why do some usergroups appear in a different colour?
     What is a “Default usergroup”?
     What is “The team” link?

Private Messaging
     I cannot send private messages!
     I keep getting unwanted private messages!
     I have received a spamming or abusive e-mail from someone on this board!

Friends and Foes
     What are my Friends and Foes lists?
     How can I add / remove users to my Friends or Foes list?

Searching the Forums
     How can I search a forum or forums?
     Why does my search return no results?
     Why does my search return a blank page!?
     How do I search for members?
     How can I find my own posts and topics?

Topic Subscriptions and Bookmarks
     What is the difference between bookmarking and subscribing?
     How do I subscribe to specific forums or topics?
     How do I remove my subscriptions?

     What attachments are allowed on this board?
     How do I find all my attachments?

phpBB 3 Issues
     Who wrote this bulletin board?
     Why isn’t X feature available?
     Who do I contact about abusive and/or legal matters related to this board?
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